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WE ARE “FranchiseAgency.de” – agency for international franchising and brand-development headquartered in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. We see ourselves as a dynamic and creative company, which constantly is scanning the market for fresh, new and appealing corporate concepts with franchise potential. As an agency we bring a wide range of experience, as well as a broad contact network, to the table. We draw our know-how from building up our own franchise-system with 30 stores in 4 countries (G/S/A/NL) within only 3 years. After successfully selling the company within the 2nd year, we today offer our comprehensive and multi-faceted knowledge to companies who are looking forward to expand.

  • PHASE 1

    Initial talks, concept analysis

  • PHASE 2

    Start of collaboration, know-how-transfer

  • PHASE 3

    Marketing, partner acquisition, first contracts signing

  • Phase 4

    Opening of the 1st franchise locations

That`s why we proudly introduce to you our brand new corporate concept, under the motto: “still hungry and different”! With our years of experience embodied by our “FranchiseAgency -Network”, we desire to immediately support our partners in the successful establishment of their own brands and their development into franchise chains. As your FranchiseAgency, we bring you the multi-faceted wealth of our entire business network, including personally acquired insights and experiences flowing through the arteries of the FranchiseAgency, ready to be tapped and transferred for your benefit. Feel free to use our extensive know-how for your company.

A sneak peek into our exciting corporate history

In April 2012 WE, Kevin Schindler and Chris Ledesma, launched our first franchise-chain with the bold question: “Why wait for America, when we could also have it made in good old Germany?” We answered this question with much valor and passion in our hearts, by opening the very first donuts & coffee shop centrally located in the German financial capital Frankfurt / Main.
The positive evolution of this “from startup to a successful exit”-story is known history –but here are some noteworthy milestones:
More than 30 shop openings with extremely motivated partners were distributed in 4 countries (G/S/A/NL) within a short span of only 3 years!
After two full years of operation under our dedicated management we met Eric Armbrecht, who managed and negotiated the sale of our successful brand to a Swiss holding in May 2014. Our business advisory for the chain under the Swiss Holding further helped to increase the number of shops.
This intensive experience one year later triggered a dynamic synergy that gave way to the formation of our FranchisAgency-Team. Therefore, it is time to announce our new endeavor, in this constellation! #neverchangeawinningteam
As the FranchiseAgency, we wish to transfer to you our gathered multi-faceted insights from our eclectic business network, our market expertise & know-how in the entrepreneurial establishment of your own brand, its expansion and franchise chain build-up, coupled with our personal database, rich with useful highlights and experiences.
We will advise, guide and accompany you every step of the way: from your corporate conception as a franchise-system, until your self-designated exit.
In the year 2017, we were able to win over a international well known law firm, which is a great match for the agency, to strengthen our expansion efforts throughout Europe and beyond.


Our FranchiseAgency-Team consists of fresh and experienced heads of the industry who support you with your first steps in the franchise business or help you build up your company successfully – hungry, with heart and expertise.

Eric Bartoletti
Managing Director
Chris Ledesma
Kevin Schindler
Milad Wardak